15 Easy Ways To Avoid Temptation in A Relationship


hanks to social media, cheating has taken a whole new meaning these days. We cheat when we fail to give ourselves fully to our spouses/partners, we cheat when we get emotionally connected with opposite-sex friends from school/college, we cheat when we withhold affection for our partner and we cheat when we delete or clear our chats with someone who is not our spouse. Such behavior almost always comes from temptation. When an opportunity presents itself, we feel tempted to sin. Often the one who cheats blames the spouse; this is very hurtful to a committed relationship and can destroy the marriage. Adultery can lead to life long guilt. If you are reading this article, chances are you are tempted to sin. So without further delay, here are some practical ways to resist instant gratification and avoid temptation in a relationship.

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