6 Warning Signs You’re Falling For Someone Who’s Going to Hurt You

Love and manipulation don’t mix.

There’s no sure-fire way not to get hurt in any relationship. But experience and a basic behavior meter are excellent instruments.

Watch out for these caution lights. They are the signs of a toxic relationship:

1. They get close fast.

He acts interested in you. He wants to hear all about your life and you find yourself telling him things you haven’t said to anyone before. It feels like a connection, like coming home. It might feel great, but you can’t get from date to soulmate that fast.

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His information gathering might seem like a genuine curiosity, but it’s often just mining for your weaknesses. Beware of sharing too much too soon. You are under no obligation to tell private memories or secrets to anyone.

Relationships have a natural rhythm. They take time to develop and mature. You both have to earn the right to share raw stories from the past.

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Attentiveness does not equal trustworthiness. Believe in personal space and privacy. Guard your memories like they are precious because they are. Your history and failings made you the amazing person you are today, but the stories belong to you. Be careful who you let read them.

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